UM! Brands™ has surpassed the impossible with our patented EverSTIK™ material. Using a thermoplastic elastomer imbued with our proprietary formula, we are able to create what can be best described as the effect of 'nano-suction.’

In its simplest terms, nano-suction is the power of millions of miniature suction cups, packed as tightly as the cells of your skin that it feels like a smooth plastic surface to your hand.
UM! Brands EverSTIK Nanosuction
When a vacuum is present between a smooth non-porous surface and a suction cup, the higher atmospheric pressure outside of the cup enables the suction cup to maintain its grip. 

Hence, when the EverSTIK™ material is pressed against a non-porous surface, the millions of nano-sized suction cups create a big vacuum, generating a strong suction force that can hold a tremendous amount of weight. Due to its suction nature, it is easily removable without residue and reusable over and over. If the surface gets soiled, a simple wash and dry will allow it to work as new again.
UM! Brands EverSTIK Nanosuction Side View
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