All UM! Brands™ products are the same in their simplicity in applying to surfaces.

If it's your first use, gently peel off the protective film attached to the back of the product.

Make sure the receiving surface is clean, free of dust and debris.

Apply a dab of rubbing alcohol and wipe with a clean cloth, then let dry before application.
Press the product firmly against the surface, smoothing out any air bubbles to ensure a strong adhesion. For optimal results, wait an hour prior to use.
Use the product as intended. Hang, hook, stick, draw, and let your imagination run free with our UM! Brands™ products!
To remove, simply peel it from the wall by the edge. Then, just repeat the steps to reuse.
If the EverSTIK™ material ever gets dirty, just rinse it gently with water and either air-dry or wipe dry with a non-abrasive fabric.
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